Right-of-Way Mowing and Maintenance

We offer heavy duty mowing options for land owners, cities, counties, and utility infrastructure. We pride ourselves in deploying some of the toughest cutters on the market with the most efficient tractors to pull them. Whether you require annual or biannual mowing or clearing woody plants up to 3 inches, we can tackle the job and improve the use of your land.

We are a qualified TXDOT contractor and maintain several thousand lots and right-of-way biannually for the city of Horseshoe Bay, TX.

Other Areas of Expertise...

Tree Trimming, Removal and Clearing

Tree Trimming and Removal From difficult removal to class 1, 2, and 3 pruning, we can help! Let us put together a proposal that works for you to not only help maintain a healthy tree population on your property, but increase value and aesthetics. We do small to large...

Fire Breaks

Fire BreaksFire breaks should be a staple service for any central Texas land owner no matter how big the property. We can make a custom fire break plan for your property.. We employ several certified firefighters in the Hill Country and would like to put our years of...

Demolition & Salvage

Demolition & Salvage Demolition is a part of new beginnings and a vital part in making use of some of the sites we encounter today. Here at J.H. Miller Company, we strive to meet the EPA guidelines for safe demolition projects. We think that there is a lot at stake...


At J.H. Miller Company, we believe our true job is not just the work that we undertake, but the way we manage the resources we are given and the excellence we leave behind. Learn More »

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